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Webinar: Profit-Based Sales Incentives (part 1)

Randy MacLean, President — WayPoint Analytics

•competitive strategy •sales practices •sales compensation design •management strategies •new opportunities for distribution industry •sales management •sales management styles in distributionRemember "back in the day" when sales compensation was based on sales volume and gross margin? Did you know those days are gone?

Here is part one of an exclusive four-webinar mini-series highlighting the simple steps you can take today to reap the extraordinary benefits of having a Sales Compensation program in place that is based on Profit-Based Sales Incentives. Parts two, three and four will follow each Wednesday going forward.

This mini-series will cover everything you'll need to plan, design and implement a profit based compensation plan for your company using WayPoint Analytics.

The first in our four-part series on Sales Compensation Design. The series is designed to give you insights into how to put together a profit-based compensation plan for your company. These plans are extremely effective when it comes to getting the sales force productive in generating profits rather than just chasing sales and, as a direct result, can tremendously improve your company's profit performance.

This first session covers Fundamentals and Planning. You'll learn about:

•The Five Principles of a Good Sale

•How to Establish a Time-Line

•The Value of Customer Segmentation

•The Importance of the Whale Curve

•Sales P&Ls and Commission Planning

Downloads: QSC_pt1.pdf QSC_pt1.ppt

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For more information about Randy MacLean, visit: www.waypointanalytics.net


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