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Changing Economy: Good or Bad ?

Bruce Merrifield, President — Merrifield Consulting

•competitive strategy •WayPoint Analytics •pricing strategies •industry perspective •business model •change management •innovation •profit tips •Randy MacLean •Bruce Merrifield •leading change •Merrifield Consulting •strategic planning •CustomizationAs the economy is constantly changing, the way people do business is evolving along with it. In the wake of the great recession, many of the companies who've survived are still geared for tough times, and all companies need to figure out how to adjust their practices to get ahead in the now-recovering economy.

The cost control habits that were put in place will be give an upper hand, in that companies will be in a place of greater financial regulation that will support them on their way to making new changes and adaptations.

On the other hand, with the global shifts happening such as business coming in from asia, strategies like markup-based schemes or high inventory that used to work well are going to begin falling behind with a rising cost to serve or inventory cost.

Automation is giving the supply chain process much potential to become drastically more efficient. A big aspect of that is decreasing the largest controllable cost, manpower. Now is the time to automate the supply chain and solidify your profitability for the future.

In addition, with advances in technology, the kinds of deep analytics that were previously only available to the top companies are becoming much more easily accessible. Small companies are able to have much more sufficient high-level analytics that can help them get ahead of those who are behind the trend. WayPoint users are the ambitious ones who take the step forward with confidence ahead of their competition, and can eat them alive with a better understanding of the business they do.

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Bruce Merrifield — Merrifield Consulting

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