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Getting a Deeper Understanding of Costs

Bruce Merrifield, President — Merrifield Consulting

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However, with a deeper analytics-based look, you can see WHY and HOW products are profitable, around which you can construct a more educated and effective sales strategy. Margins can be deceiving, and you need more than that alone to truly understand what goes on in your business.

The way that people order is sometimes even more significant than WHAT they order. Small, frequent orders are bound to take up time and energy that could be spent elsewhere, but large, bundled orders will save on valuable resources, giving you a greater profit, and the ability to offer better prices.

Most financial systems are not refined enough, and don't provide enough information to tell you the whole story of which products make you the most money. Margins are not related to profitability in any meaningful way, and in order to understand your profitability, you need to find a deeper, more intelligent analytical system to truly understand what to do, and how to do it.

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Bruce Merrifield — Merrifield Consulting

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