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Webinar: How to Create a Sales Comp Plan (pt 1)

Randy MacLean, President — WayPoint Analytics

•distribution management best practices •sales compensation designRemember "back in the day" when sales compensation was based on sales volume and gross margin? Did you know those days are gone?

Here is part one of an exclusive three-webinar mini-series highlighting the simple steps you can take today to reap the extraordinary benefits of having a Sales Compensation program in place that is based on Profit-Based Sales Incentives. Parts two and three will soon follow.

This mini-series will cover everything you'll need to plan, design and implement a profit based compensation plan for your company using WayPoint Analytics.

We look forward to having you watch the video and learning more about your company. More importantly, we look forward to watching your profits grow exponentially with a Profit-Based Sales Incentives Program in place.

Downloads: QSC_pt1.pdf QSC_pt1.ppt

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Randy MacLean — WayPoint Analytics

Webinar: Profit-Based Sales Incentives (part 1)


Webinar: Quantum Sales Compensation - How to Create a powerful new kind of sales incentive plan

Randy MacLean — WayPoint Analytics

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