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Webinar: How to Create a Sales Compensation Plan (pt 4)

Randy MacLean, President — WayPoint Analytics

•competitive strategy •market intelligence •distribution management best practices •profit-based comp •sales compensation design •management strategies •new opportunities for distribution industry •sales management •distribution industry sales management •personnel development •business math for distribution •wholesale distribution basic mathThis is the fourth and final video in our four-part series on Sales Compensation Design. The first three videos discussed the benefits, elements, metrics, and mechanisms of a profit-based sales compensation system.

This session will discuss how to actually launch the system.

This is the critical stage in designing a sales compensation program so you'll want to pay close attention to the following subjects:

•How to Plan in Private (But Not in Secret)

•How to Develop and Use Flexible Rules

•How to Plan Crediting Rules (So Your Salespeople Know What Qualifies For Incentives)

•The Value of Using True-Ups

•The Importance of Having a Transition Component to Ensure a Smooth Implementation

•How to Best Communicate the Plan to Your Salespeople

•Common Shortcomings and Failures to Watch Out For

Downloads: QSC_pt4.pdf QSC_pt4.ppt

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